Webinar WSRN – Tony Ward

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Date(s) - 2016/08/30
8:30 am - 9:30 am


To participate LIVE follow us on: Air Quality and Health Group

This webinar will discuss how residential wood stove emissions contribute to poor outdoor and indoor air quality, as well as interventions that can be implemented to reduce wood smoke exposures.



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  1. Ben Liley


    I am surprised in an era where electronic control systems are inexpensive and ubiquitous that wood stoves are still so primitive. As illustrated by the use of the electric air filter, almost every home has electricity. Why are wood stoves not fitted with electric heaters to ignite them, fans to control air flow, and filter systems to feed filtered air into the room. Such systems would add only a few hundred dollars to an installation that costs thousands, and yet it could radically reduce emissions and make for much easier and more convenient operation. It would not be difficult to allow the system to still function in its primitive fashion in the event of a power cut. Pellet fires have some of these features, but even the ‘cleanest’ wood stoves use 19th Century technology.

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