Network launch presentations are now available!

Here you go,

Sarah B. HendersonA dubious distinction: the smokiest community in British Columbia, Canada   (video)
Christopher SimpsonQuantifying and controlling residential wood smoke impacts in an urban setting: lessons from Tacoma, WA.  (video)
Gary FullerKeep the home fires burning?  (video)
Peter MolnarEstimating domestic wood burning in a small community in Sweden (video)

Q&A session (video)

Jane Clougherty Adapting distributed monitoring technologies to capture nighttime spatial variance in organic wood smoke tracers in Christchurch (video)
Mikko SavolahtiModelling fine particle and black carbon emissions from residential wood combustion in Finland.  (video)
Tony WardIndoor and outdoor residential wood smoke studies in the western United States and Alaska (video)
Fay JohnstonInterventions to reduce the public health impacts of wood smoke. Stories from Tasmania  (video)
Q&A session (video)

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